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What works best?

Informative, original, interesting and branded articles achieve successes. Search engine optimised articles are even better. Your blog will show that you are human. It could be a short paragraph or a long explanation. Anyone reading it will understand more about you. Good blogging involves:

  • Showing your personal side and the personal side of your company

  • Posting again and again at frequent intervals

  • Remaining genuine by thinking about your customers as you write

  • Remaining enthusiastic – at all times

  • Sharing helpful information - for free

  • Inviting your customers to communicate with you

Show that you are sociable and relevant

Your blog will boost your search profile and support your web site content. Show your expertise in a blog post and customers will trust your advice. If your blog writing is always sociable and relevant, people will keep reading.

Share your expertise and others will share with you

Good blog copy can inspire people to share your articles with their network of business colleagues. Blog copy helps you communicate and encourages your customers to get in touch. Continue to pass on relevant information and keep customers with you.

“Simplify to Sell do your research for you. Their input is very valuable. The blog encourages customers to get in touch.”

Geoff Bateson, Director, Comms-Consult.